Bad Faith related to 2013 Colorado Floods

Latest news:  Read about $1Million Insurance Bad Faith Settlement from 2013 flood case:

$! Million Settlement

Insurance bad faith attorney James Avery has been handling insurance bad faith claims in Colorado since graduating from the University of Denver College of Law in 1982, initially working for insurance companies such as Travelers, Wausau, St. Paul, and Allstate.  He took the side of policyholders in 1989.  Since that time, there have been many out-of-state law firms that have entered the legal community, seeking to capitalize on our prospering economy.  Jim Avery has been a pioneer in Colorado insurance law for over 30 years, and the lead attorney in the Colorado Court of Appeals case of Cork v. Sentry, which established policy holder rights in insurance bad faith claims related to the commencement of the statute of limitations.  As a result of the Cork case, it is established law in Colorado that time limits on insurance bad faith claims don’t begin to run until the act of bad faith that is complained of, and that bad faith can continue to occur as separate acts up until the date of filing and beyond the filing date of the case.  This effectively extended policy holder rights until the completion of all business dealings with the insurance company (usually the date of final payment on the claim).  This was a major victory for policy holders in Colorado.  KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

Jim Avery been retained to pursue contractual and extra-contractual damages, damages for economic losses and emotional distress as a result of failure to pay claims related to flooding of structures in Boulder County, Colorado following the floods from driving rain storms in September, 2013.  These storms caused a regional flooding catastrophe which caused many families and businesses to evacuate their heavily damaged structures.  Claims for bad faith breach of contract in the millions of dollars are now being handled by Avery Law Firm and pending against Insurance Companies related to these losses.  If you suffered losses in the Boulder County floods of 2013 which have not been compensated your homeowner’s or commercial liability insurance company, you may be entitled to extra-contractual damages for bad faith breach of contract.  Time is running out to pursue these claims in court, if necessary.  Contact trial lawyer, insurance bad faith lawyer Jim Avery by phone at 303-840-2222 or complete the contact form on this page.

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