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My son Joshua was the Plaintiff recently in a lawsuit against Gold Crown Foundation, Inc. Joshua is a non-resident to the United States and he is 21 years old. Joshua was 14 years old, and living in Colorado, when he suffered severe cognitive injuries secondary to a heat stroke, causing cardiac arrest while playing a Gold Crown Freshman Summer Basketball League game on an unusually hot day. The League game was held in a stuffy, hot gym with no air conditioning or ventilation, as Gold Crown failed to arrange for air conditioning or to inspect the gym for suitability prior to the game. No medical personnel were present. As a result of his injuries, Joshua will never be able to be employed in the normal sense of the word. Joshua was an A grade basketball player and baseball player, as well as a straight A student prior to his injury. Now Joshua is completely dependent upon myself and his family.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Jim Avery and his firm for their continuous hard work and determination over the years to bring justice to the forefront and to set a new precedent for years to come. Winning this case has made history in American law and therefore this case will set a standard and provide players with a more secure and safe environment in which to play.

Jim’s closing argument was the high point in the two week trial and I will always remember how everyone in the court room that day was captivated by what he had to say, especially the jury. Please be reassured that if a mother from Australia can have this much confidence in a lawyer on the other side of the world to represent her son in a lawsuit like this, then you should. Jim guided me through the whole process and gave me the confidence to work with him and experience an amazing time in American law.

Jim Avery proved causation and damages in this suit which was no small feat. His exceptional expertise, dedication and ability to produce the most outstanding expert witnesses, was remarkable. I would not hesitate to recommend Jim Avery, a gentleman with extremely high standards and integrity to any potential client in the future. It is no wonder Jim Avery is called a “Super Lawyer”.

Yours Sincerely,



Justice Prevailed in Aviation Accident Brain Injury

I was severely brain injured as a result of a private jet crash, lost my business and my health. My life was in ruin and the first lawyers I hired (high profile media giants in Houston) botched my case and got thrown out of court. Jim Avery came to my rescue, and took on some of the biggest law firms in Texas and the US. He put together a great legal team, who won the case after 7 weeks in trial. I didn’t understand a lot of what happened, or the testimony of the medical and legal experts, but I always felt confident that Jim would win, and we did! It took a long time, but justice prevailed thanks to the hard work and talent of Jim Avery. I have had some of the best lawyers in Texas, but none better than Jim Avery. He saved the day!


Houston, TX

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