Serious Accident or Product Defect Injuries

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Have You Suffered a Serious Disabling Injury from an Auto, Trucking, Motorcycle Accident or Product Defect?

When you or a loved one has suffered a serious disabling injury, regardless of the cause, Avery Law Firm has the experience to help you determine the responsible party and fight for fair compensation for the injury.

When disaster strikes it is usually a combination of actions or events that combine to cause a catastrophic injury. A good example is when two drivers are engaged in road rage, one vehicle crosses the center line and strikes an oncoming vehicle, which then collides with a telephone pole but the airbag fails to deploy or seat belt releases and the driver is killed. Whether your injury involves a truck, aircraft, defective product, or other mechanism of injury, Avery Law Firm has the resources to adequately investigate the cause of injury.

Choose A Serious Injury Lawyer with Extensive Experience in Accident Reconstruction and Proof

Avery Law Firm has nearly thirty years of experience working with specialized investigators (eg., aviation or trucking experts), accident re-constructionists, forensic engineers, etc., to determine the causes of injury and responsible party or parties, so we can help obtain fair compensation for your serious disabling injury or death. Generally speaking, the sooner the investigation begins, the greater our chance of success in determining all the causes of injury, so don’t delay in contacting us. Skid marks disappear, witness memories fade, vehicles are repaired or otherwise altered. Call Avery Law Firm today at 303-840-2222 or complete the contact form to start your investigation today, with no upfront cost to you. ┬áNo recovery, no fee, so there is no risk to call.

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