Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

Latest technology for spinal cord injury recovery The Many Facets Of The Healing Journey

Spinal cord injury recovery involves serious efforts, huge amounts of money and a generous amount of counseling both to the sufferer and his family. Accidents happen all the time. Sometimes, accidents cause critical injuries that impact seriously the quality of life, when subsequently every day would become a struggle for survival. Spinal cord injury is one such damaging accident outcome. Recovery from this type of injury is slow, painful and costly; however, the most important thing to remember is, that it is possible. There are many facets about spinal cord injury that you need to be aware of, when you are walking on the path to recovery – for yourself or a family member.

    1. Education About Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

      The first and foremost prerequisite for spinal cord injury recovery is that you learn all that there is to learn about your specific case and spinal cord injuries in general. The best hospitals and specialized health care facilities have aggressive awareness programs where the patient is literally taught about all aspects of the SCI condition. The more the individual knows about what to expect and the possible positive and negative outcomes, the faster he or she would be able to progress with the doctors towards recovery.


    3. Recovery And Rehabilitation Are Two Different Terms

      Most SCI patients feel that recovery and rehabilitation are interchangeable terms. Nothing could be further from truth. While recovery means ‘to be taken care of while under medical supervision’, whereas, rehabilitation means ‘prevention of secondary complications, maximization of physical functioning, and reintegration into the community’. Good health care facilities would ensure that the patient not only knows the difference but also that the patient has their expectations moderated by the facts presented from the beginning of the treatment. It is an established fact that the state of mind has a great impact on the healing process; hence, the SCI patient should be made aware of the pros and cons of the situation and helped to work hard towards full recovery.


    5. Family Involvement Is An Important Factor In The Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Program

      Spinal cord injury often means some type of paralysis. This in turn means that the injured person would need intensive attention and care both physically and mentally. Bedridden people, partially or fully paralyzed people due to SCI tend to get acutely depressed. Hence, besides the physical aspect of the treatment, it is important that the person is provided professional counseling for mental healing as well. Counseling is also very important for family members as their lives too, would be acutely disrupted by the demands of the patient’s medical care and allied services.


    7. Compensation for spinal cord injury recovery

      Spinal cord injury treatment is expensive and recovery is very slow. Some may need to spend the rest of their life in the wheelchair with various levels of dependency on an attendant for your daily chores. Although, many have recovered from spinal cord injuries that were expected to keep them in a wheelchair for life. Now more than ever, spinal cord injury advances and technology are positively effecting the quality of life for so many.

     Restoring Quality of Life

    You’ll need an experienced and successful SCI lawyer for these types of lawsuits. SCI cases are complex and require a lot of work to win adequate compensation for restoring the quality of your life as much as it is possible with the help of:

      • Medicines and initial treatment
      • Home rehabilitation and daily care (health care attendant/ nurse requirement)
      • Technology application for restoring quality of life to the largest possible extent
      • Physiotherapy as part of recovery treatment
      • Psychiatric therapy to fight depression and help to cope with emotional upheavals
      • Counseling of patient and family so they can cope with the drastic changes in their lives
      • Staying current with the latest treatments and technology to make life better and easier
      • Hospitalization when complications develop – SCI patients are prone to kidney problems and infections.

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