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Top Paralysis Lawyer Results Getting Proper Care Requires an Expert Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

When you or a loved one suffers from paralysis due to a spinal cord injury you want to get the proper care as well as an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer to assist you in this time of need.  It is important that your lawyer have vast knowledge in catastrophic injury law,  medical complication, and be familiarity with the latest information, just like your medical doctors.   At Avery Law Firm, paralysis from spinal cord injuries have been our focus for over thirty years, and we make a point to keep abreast of the very latest medical practices.  This knowledge, combined with long-standing working relationships with leading medical spinal cord injury specialists like those at Craig Hospital, makes Avery Law Firm uniquely qualified to give you the highest quality legal representation available nationwide.


Top Paralysis Lawyer in Spinal Cord Injury Law

Avery Law Firm founder James Avery began his career working in the field of Spinal Cord Injury, and over nearly three decades in practice, has personally handled a multitude of paralysis injury cases with tremendous success.   Jim has been victorious in several multimillion dollar lawsuits involving spinal cord injury.  The key to success and maximizing damages in these cases is to understand the complex future medical and rehabilitation needs, and to work carefully to prepare a reliable and complete Life Care Plan that will itemize all these needs for a jury.   Jim Avery will work personally with a nationally recognized expert to thoroughly prepare a life care plan tailored to the specific needs of the individual.  This is where Jim Avery’s experience comes into play.  If the jury disregards a hastily or poorly conceived Life Care Plan, your damages case can be unfulfilled.  It is essential that your lawyer understand your medical and rehabilitation needs, and there is no substitute for thirty years of experience in the field.

The Key to Success with SCI Cases

A top nationwide spinal cord injury lawyer can provide you with peace of mind, through the caring and dedicated legal representation you need in such cases. Your first priority after an injury is to ensure you receive quality medical treatment and begin the lengthy process of recovery and rehabilitation. The legal staff at Avery Law Firm will take over the legal aspects of your claim, ensuring you are well-protected with regard to the medical treatment you are entitled to as well as every other aspect of your claim.  We can also refer you to quality medical providers that can be relied upon to be highly cooperative witnesses on your behalf.  With over 30 years experience working with multiple medical communities, our firm has a reputation for representing people with serious meritorious claims.  As a result, the Firm has developed an extensive network of highly qualified physicians (neurologists, neurological surgeons, psychologists, etc.) and other professionals (rehabilitation specialists, therapists, etc.) that will make your case more persuasive and valuable.

Spinal Cord Injury Claim Process

Representative cases that Avery Law Firm has successfully handled  for paralysis clients due to spinal cord injury have been from surgical malpractice, plane crashes, auto/truck accidents, ski accidents, and sports injuries, just to name a few.   To obtain top quality legal assistance with your brain or spinal cord injury claim, contact Avery Law Firm today at (866) 987-4368 or fill out the contact form on this page.

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