Medical Malpractice Testimonials

Medical Malpractice Testimonials

Lifelong Annuity in Failure to Diagnose Case

Nearly hopeless and grief stricken, I called Jim Avery for help after my husband died. I had two children and no means of support. Mr. Avery discovered that my husband’s local doctors failed to diagnose an aortic dissection he suffered at home. Jim Avery took on the hospital, emergency doctor and cardiologist, and obtained a confidential settlement that saved my family from bankruptcy, providing me with a lifelong annuity, and which will assist our children to go to college. He helped us through the most difficult time of our lives with compassion and professionalism and we will be forever grateful.


Durango, CO

Perseverance Prevails Against Top Defense Team

After a bacterial infection destroyed the valves of my heart, which had to be replaced with artificial valves, disabling me at the age of 32, I called Jim Avery. He hired an expert doctor who determined that the hospital emergency room doctor failed to diagnose a flu, which turned into pneumonia and bacterial endocarditis. Jim Avery took the case to trial and won a hard fought verdict in my favor against one of Denver’s ‘top’ defense law firms, then won the appeal.

It took years to obtain justice, but as a result of Jim Avery’s perseverance and positive attitude, we prevailed and I was fully compensated for my injury!



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