Worker’s Compensation Bad Faith

 In the event of a work related injury, you are entitled to, and expect reasonable and necessary medical care, fair and prompt wage benefits, and ultimately a benefit for permanent impairment.  When insurance companies make profits by denying worker’s the benefits they are entitled to, Avery Law Firm is here to take them to court to ensure you get a fair treatment and compensation for your injuries.  In the field of bad faith litigation, this can mean additional compensatory damages for the worsening of your condition as you are deprived of necessary medical care or rehabilitation, loss of enjoyment of life, severe emotional distress, and sometimes, punitive damages.Justice for the Seriously Injured  Jim Avery has recovered in excess of a million dollars in some cases for workers deprived of the benefits they paid for with their labor and were entitled to receive in prompt manner.

There are laws to protect workers, and laws to protect consumers from unfair or unscrupulous insurance companies.  Avery Law Firm is here to enforce those laws in just cases.  Some cases can be settled amicably, but if that isn’t possible, Avery Law Firm will take the insurance company to court.  No insurance company is too big or too aggressive to avoid responsibility in court.  With Avery Law Firm at your side, you can fight them.

It is imperative, as an injured worker, that you give prompt written notice to your employer.  Don’t delay if you have been injured, and don’t be fooled by employers or insurance companies who make empty promises to take care of you.  Worker’s compensation INSURANCE is there to provide you necessary medical, wage and disability benefits.  If you feel that you have been, or are being deprived of benefits, don’t hesitate to call or complete the FREE CASE EVALUATION form on this page.

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