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gavelMedical Malpractice-Ketamine Induced Brain Injury Case Report:  Jim Avery is currently handling a case involving a serious bladder and brain injury to a 23 year old young man as a result of complications from a non-FDA approved drug (“Ketamine” or “Special K”) that was prescribed by his former pain management physician, Daniel Brookoff, M.D. (Deceased).   The young man was started on large doses of outpatient self-dosing intranasal (and other forms) Ketamine at the age of seventeen for head pain from a nerve injury in his sinus.  The nerve injury was eventually diagnosed and treated, but the young man was left with disabling brain injuries from the drug.  The drug was condemned by a Johns Hopkins Pain Management & Anesthesia Professor and Department Chief, but supported by a Harvard pain clinic physician Carol Warfield, M.D. (who claimed to also be prescribing Ketamine to her pain patients).

The case is pending and will be retried after the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled in patient’s favor against Brookoff on the applicability of the Dead Man’s Statute in the case.  See the Court of Appeals decision here:  Opinion


If you or a loved one has been injured by prescribed Ketamine, please contact Jim Avery.

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