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Medical Negligence Case Complex Medical Injury Cases

Complex injuries are often multidimensional-in particular, spinal cord and brain injuries often involve other major organs and systems.  Complex injuries can involve the central and peripheral nervous system, the cardio-vascular system, musculature, and the other major systems of the body.

Multidimensional Injuries

The patient was a 34 year old male, Mason, who awoke in the evening with neck, back and chest pain after having moved a large cap stone earlier in the day.  He became incontinent, and an ambulance was called.  At the rural emergency department, he was diagnosed with indigestion and given an anti-nausea drug.  He was told to follow up with a cardiologist for an evaluation the following week.  At the cardiologist’s office, he was given a stress test, which he passed.  The patient was cleared to return to work and normal activities.  3 days later he suffered disorientation and was losing consciousness, and was taken by ambulance to the emergency room at a different local hospital.  He was given a chest X-ray, then a CT Scan and ultrasonic evaluation, and eventually diagnosed (after many hours) with an aortic tear.  His prognosis was poor, and the rural hospital was not equipped to perform the heart surgery that was necessary, so he was transported via air (after a multiple hour delay in arranging transportation) to a metropolitan hospital.  The patient had suffered cardiac arrest just as he was arriving at the operating room.  Although Mason was resuscitated and survived the aortic repair surgery, the patient suffered brain injury from lack of oxygen and paralysis (spinal cord injury) from occlusion of a major spinal artery.

These cases require an in-depth knowledge of the various systems of the body to identify the causes and interrelationship of injuries.  How could such a patient pass a cardiovascular stress test?  Did the injury to the brain and spinal cord relate back to the aortic tear?  How is it possible that an aortic tear can cause brain injury? Spinal cord injury?

What part of the case relates to the pre-existing injury and what part relates to compensable injuries and damages?

These questions are not easily answered, or explained to an insurance adjuster, defense lawyer or jury.  You can trust Avery Law Firm to have the knowledge and sophistication to understand your complex medical injury, no matter what the cause, and enhance your chances of success and maximum recovery.  All of our cases are different, and over 30 years experience handling complex injury and death cases has lead to a wealth of knowledge that is not acquired or taught in law schools.

Call now to discuss your complex injury case with Jim Avery, who has the knowledge and experience to properly assess and evaluate your case.  Call 303-840-2222 or complete the case evaluation form on the right hand column of this page.

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