Information to Help with Brain Injury Medical Bills

Brain Injury Medical Bills Help Financial Assistance Is Available

Brain injuries are some of the most debilitating injuries there are and keeping track of your related medical bills is the last thing you want to deal with while you are recovering. The problem is that if you ignore these brain injury medical bills they won’t go away. Actually, they end up getting worse the longer you ignore them.

To help you figure out how the bills will get paid a list of suggestions below will help you breaks down different types of insurance for different injuries:

  1. If you are injured in a car accident, then it is possible that your state requires Personal Injury Protection, or PIP insurance. This type of insurance covers lost wages and medical bills. This is a no-fault type of insurance, which means you are covered no matter who is to blame in the accident. If the other driver is responsible for the accident, then they must pay your medical bills. If they have too little or no insurance, then your company might be required by law to cover the difference.
  2. Health insurance is another option for paying your brain injury medical costs. They treat an accident causing injury the same way they treat any other sickness or injury. The problem is that they might assert a subrogation lien on you. This means you have to pay back anything they paid you from your settlement.
  3. If you suffer a brain injury while working, you will most likely be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. This will pay a percentage of your lost wages as well as medical costs. Every state except Texas has workers’ compensation laws in place.
  4. Medicare is federally provided insurance for those over 65. If you have a brain injury and are under 65 you can apply for Medicare to help cover expenses. If you are expecting some sort of compensation from a settlement, you need to understand the Medicare Secondary Payer statute. This means bills will be paid by the settlement first and then by Medicare.
  5. Medicaid is federally provided insurance for people who have little to no income for various reasons. The income levels to make you eligible are different in each state, but if you are having trouble with your medical bills you should definitely apply. If you qualify for Medicare and Medicaid, then almost 100% of your medical bills will be covered.
  6. If the above methods do not adequately pay your medical bills, then you can apply for Social Security or Supplemental Security Income for disabilities. Both of these programs are run by the Social Security Administration. The application process requires you to submit all pertinent medical and personal info to the SSA. They will then examine your data to see if you have a disability that they will cover.
  7. If all else fails try calling to negotiate your medical bill. Statistics have shown that over 50% of people who ask for a discount get one. Call them and arrange for a lower payment in exchange for your paying the bill off quicker. Be sure to get the agreement in writing.
  8. The last, and probably worst, way to pay off big medical bills is by using your credit cards. Just remember that since credit cards are secured debt there is no way to negotiate a lower payment. You also often have to pay massive interest rate. Use this option to pay brain injury medical bills only as a last resort.

Know Your Legal Rights

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