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Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Top Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Lots of lawyers tout their experience as a traumatic brain injury lawyer.  Jim lives it!  A life changing catastrophic injury, traumatic brain injury (TBI) (caused by trauma such as an accident or medical negligence from oxygen deprivation as in surgical blood loss, asphyxiation, cardiac arrest or birth) will often find that lawyers don’t understand the mechanism of injury, the physiology or  consequences they live with on a day to day basis.  Avery Law Firm founder Jim Avery helped establish the Colorado Brain Injury Association in the early 80’s as an associate of John Breit (deceased).  Ironically, as the firm was writing the ByLaws for the Association, Jim’s own mother suffered a cerebral aneurysm  (a case of acquired brain injury) and became permanently disabled.  The firm Jim worked for as a young associate emphasized birth injury cases.  During that time, Jim sat with his mother during recovery from 4 separate brain operations at the prestigious London, Ontario (CAN) based University Medical Center.   He has supported his mother in all phases of her life for over thirty years now.

Personal Life Experience with Traumatic Brain Injury

This real life experience has brought home the consequences of traumatic brain injury and its impact in all phases of a person’s life.   There is nothing like the power of actual life experience to teach and learn about a subject.  Since that time, Jim has helped his mother and others form brain injury associations and handled dozens of brain injury cases in from a variety of contexts (birth trauma, auto accidents, heat stroke, ski accidents, mountain bike accidents, horse riding accidents, etc.).  Jim is personally acquainted with many experts in the field of traumatic brain injury rehabilitation and recovery, having worked side-by-side with them over thirty years and attended numerous seminars and workshops to develop professional understanding of the nature of the injury and ways to present it to juries.   Jim has obtained numerous seven figure verdicts and settlements for his clients who have suffered traumatic brain injury, several of which were notable in the legal community and public forums.

Lifetime Damages Collected

Jim Avery represented Veronica Kerin, an infant who suffered traumatic brain injury while undergoing surgery for a condition called craniosynostosis, which involved massive skull surgery.  Little Veronica suffered severe blood loss during surgery and resulting blindness and brain injury.  One of the many challenges of the case was developing a lifetime scenario of damages for two year old victim and the many doctors and other professionals unwilling to give an opinion on the outcome of such a young injured person.  After putting together a nationwide team of professionals, Jim was able to obtain a settlement for Veronica and her family.

In fact, Jim has obtained what Judicial Arbiter Group founder and settlement Judge Richard Dana called “the biggest settlement since the advent of tort reform in a medical malpractice case.”  Although the terms of the settlement are confidential, Jim has managed to obtain results which exceed of all his peers in the legal community, through hard work, understanding and perseverance.

Recently, Jim obtained a seven figure verdict from a Denver jury in the case of a 14 year old athlete Joshua Fairbrother against Gold Crown Foundation, Inc., after Joshua suffered heat stroke and resultant TBI in a junior varsity basketball game where the gymnasium wasn’t air conditioned (utilizing the Premises Liability Act).

Jim Avery is currently handling an $8+ million claim involving a brain injury to a 23 year old young man who was injured as a result of a toxic reaction to a non-FDA approved drug (Ketamine) that was prescribed by his former physician, Daniel Brookoff, M.D. (Deceased).  The case is scheduled for trial in the Denver District Court in March, 2014.

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