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Lead Trial Attorney Jim Avery has over 34 years experience handling auto accident cases, including the first ‘road rage’ to be tried in Colorado, which held both drivers responsible when they were engaged in an angry chase and one driver’s vehicle left the highway and hit an oncoming vehicle head-on.  Avery’s clients sued the Estate of the deceased driver, and the other driver who’s vehicle was not part of the accident.  Thorough investigation proved that the drivers were engaged in a deadly ‘cat and mouse’ chase after one vehicle merged onto the highway and the other driver took offense and started following too closely. The two drivers were weaving in and out of traffic before one of them went onto the shoulder and lost control on the highway.  The two occupants of the vehicle were killed and the driver’s insurance company refused to pay its policy limits to the victims, the Gensler family from Parker.  This case also illustrates the different results that can be obtained by top tier lawyers, whereas Avery’s client ended up with over $1 million for the accident and other victims with similar injuries less than $200,000.  
 Road rage slide

In another landmark case, after being offered only $70,000 (while represented by Frank Azar & Associates) for a closed head injury (concussion) that left her with intractable headaches and caused her to be unable to work full-time as a hairdresser, Avery obtained a judgement on behalf Littleton resident Angela Zeiger for $1,304,995 plus costs.  Zeiger JUDGMENT

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