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Catastrophic Brain Injury Victim Scan Helping Serverely Injury Victims Since 1982

What is a catastrophic injury lawyer?  Someone who helps victims who have suffered catastrophic (seriously disabling or death causing) injury.  Nationally acclaimed catastrophic injury lawyer Jim Avery of the Avery Law Firm has been helping individuals and families with seriously disabling injuries, including brain & spinal cord injuries, and death, due to accidents, product defects, medical negligence, trucking accidents, construction accidents, aviation accidents, automobile accidents,  and numerous other causes since 1982. He understands what you are going through when facing catastrophic injury or death, no matter what the cause might be.  His specialty is finding a means of compensating victims using established negligence, product liability or other legal theories, even finding new theories of recovery when necessary.

Jim Avery has obtained millions of dollars for seriously injured victims, including numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements which have garnered local and national publicity. Avery was one of the first attorneys in the nation to file a successful civil RICO (racketeering) case, the first “Craniosynostosis” lawsuits against a local Children’s Hospital involving pediatric neurosurgery malpractice (resulting in confidential settlements), and has pioneered other new theories of recovery for victims.  Jim was the first Colorado lawyer to successfully litigate a “Road Rage” case (resulting in a verdict of nearly $2 million) and the first lawyer to successfully hold a Sports Organizer liable for a heat stroke injury to a minor participant (resulting in a verdict of nearly $1 million) utilizing the Colorado Premises Liability Act.  Jim Avery represented 15 yr old student athlete Joshua Fairbrother who suffered cardiac arrest and brain injury at a privately sanctioned Gold Crown Foundation athletic tournament. Many of Jim Avery’s toughest cases are referred by other personal injury lawyers in Colorado and nationwide.

Areas of Practice


These are cases in which a person suffers major permanent injury to the central nervous system, and an area of law that is rapidly becoming a specialty based on the intricate and complex medical and rehabilitation issues.  Most general personal injury lawyers are not up to date in the medical aspects of these cases, which are far more complex than the usual soft tissue and orthopedic injuries involved in the majority of personal injury cases.  Special proof of injury such as rehabilitation evaluations, activity of daily life (ADL’s) assessments, Life Care Plans, and Day in the Life (DIL) films are routine at Avery Law Firm.  We have experts that we work with who are knowledgeable about these types of injuries and the damages that flow from them, not to mention Jim Avery’s personal knowledge in the area.  He has been helping survivors of these catastrophic injuries for over 30  years, starting in 1982 at Hansen & Breit, P.C. during which time he helped organize the Brain Injury Association of Colorado and the Rochester (NY) Foundation for Persons with Brain Injury.

Trucking, Vehicle and Aviation Accidents

These are cases in which a vehicle operator is held liable for failing to follow the governing municipal, state or federal law, or product defect. If you have been injured in any of the following accidents, talk to Jim Avery about your vehicular accident claim:

  • Semi-Tractor Trailer or Truck Collisions
  • Automobile or Automobile/Pedestrian Collisions
  • Automobile/Pedestrian Collisions
  • Aviation Disasters or Airport Collisions
  • Train Crossing Collisions
  • Any Type of Recreational Vehicle Accident

Disability or Death

These are cases in which a person suffers a loss of income or earning capacity, loss of use of a limb or life, and typically substantial economic injury in addition to pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, etc. Examples of serious disability and death claims we have handled include:

  • Ski Accidents
  • Equestrian Accidents
  • Sports Injury
  • Farm Accidents
  • Burn Injuries
  • Ingestion of Dangerous Substance (eg., Drano)
  • Recreational accidents

Wrongful Death

These are cases in which a death could have been avoided by appropriate care, or was caused by negligence or other wrongful conduct. Special damage rules and statutes of limitations apply to these cases. The serious disabling injury or death of a loved one is a tragedy no family should have to deal with. Our firm can discuss your options in pursuing a claim for fair compensation in any of these types of cases.

Experience Counts

An Experienced Lawyer Can Help You Obtain the Compensation You Deserve

Many personal injury lawyers practice mainly in the realm of simple accident cases, and are unfamiliar with the complex damages rules and statutes that govern catastrophic or more serious injury cases like brain and spinal cord injuries. These cases typically require expert opinion testimony from physicians, economists, rehabilitation specialists, and other specialist witnesses. As a result of our experience of handling hundreds of serious injury and death cases, we have worked with thousands of expert witnesses and have an extensive data base of experts to choose the right witness for your case to maximize your recovery.

We arrange payment on a contingency basis, which means you will not have to pay attorneys’ fees unless you receive compensation. For a free confidential consultation and information on how Jim Avery can put over thirty years of legal experience to work for you, call us toll free at 866-987-4368 or locally at 303-840-2222 (Denver), 317-826-8888 (Indiana) or 765-288-5555 (Central Indiana). You can fill out the online contact form if you would like Jim Avery to call you.

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