NFL Concussion Settlement Assistance

For almost five years, the NFL concussion settlement has been pending due to tense negotiations and court appeals.   Finally, the end is in sight. In December 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it would not hear two petitions objecting to the settlement. This denial will allow the settlement to finally move forward to begin payouts to over 20,000 retired NFL players. In the settlement, the NFL agreed to pay out $1 Billion over 65 years. The payments will range from $190,000 to approximately $5,000,000 depending on the type of injury sustained by the former player and other factors. The key to maximizing recovery will be to develop evidence and present your injury properly.  Jim Avery has obtained awards over $1 million for concussion victims.  

Earlier this month, a U.S. District Judge urged retired NFL players to register for the settlement and obtain medical testing. The deadline for a player to register is August 8, 2017.2 Other important dates and information can be found on the official NFL concussion website.3
Brain injury lawyer Jim Avery can help you get the testing you need by a qualified professional, and maximize the value of your settlement, which may be life altering.  Headaches, dizziness, even minor cognitive issues should be considered for possible concussive injury.  Contact Avery Law Firm now to get started before it is too late.  

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