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Traumatic Brain Injury Image TBI – Conditions, Causes, Age & Gender

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released several pieces of information in the past few months discussing the rise of TBI as a public health concern in the United States.

If your first question is “What is traumatic brain injury or TBI?” you are not alone.

TBI is Traumatic Brain Injury. It is damage to the brain that occurs as the result of an injury. It typically is caused by an impact which brings about a collision of the brain and skull. A penetrating TBI happens when a foreign material such as shrapnel or a bullet actually penetrates the skull and strikes the brain. In either case normal brain function is disrupted.

Range of TBI Condition

The degree of seriousness of a TBI can extend from mild to severe. At the mild end of the scale would be a typical concussion which is a head impact that is hard enough to cause a quick head and brain movement that creates an interruption in the normal function of brain cells. This may result in a short period of unconsciousness or simply result in dizziness or a short term dazed condition. The medical profession defines this level of TBI as ‘mild’ due to the fact that it is not normally a deadly injury but it should be noted that the effects of a concussion can still have serious implications.

A severe TBI can either be a penetrating wound that allows an outside object to directly strike the brain or a closed head injury that results from a high impact blow to the head resulting in a more severe injury than a simple mild concussion. In the worst case a severe TBI could be fatal.

Victims who suffer a severe TBI that is not fatal may find themselves left with serious symptoms. There may be issues with both motor and cognitive functions along with emotional consequences. Concentration and memory problems are common. Balance and coordination may be affected. And a range of emotional concerns can develop including anxiety, depression, aggression and a variety of other personality changes.

Causes of TBI

The main causes of TBI are not surprising when we consider that a blow to the head is normally the event that leads to this injury. Falls are the number one cause with automobile accidents being number two. Following behind are incidents grouped together as Struck By/Against. Assault and Unknown/Other covers remaining TBIs.

The CDC statistics indicate that 1.7 million victims annually suffer a TBI. Currently the estimate is that a total population of 5.3 million people in the United States have a TBI induced disability of some type. Being aware of the main causes of TBIs listed above, the statistics on which demographic groups suffer the most from this injury seem logical.

TBI by Age & Gender

The greatest numbers of traumatic brain injuries suffered annually by age are children up to 4 years old, older teenagers 15-19, and adults over 65 years. These are of course the age groups we might suspect when we consider that falls and automobile accidents are the leading causes. Adults over 75 are the most likely to sustain a fatal TBI or to experience an injury requiring hospitalization.

And in all age groups it is males that are most likely to be a TBI victim.

These statistics are guiding the CDC and other medical organizations in their efforts to increase prevention and treatment of TBI.

What to Do If You Need A TBI Lawyer

One very important factor when you are planning to file a claim is gathering evidence.

  1. Ensure that you take photographs of the accident site or video-shoot it; if there are local video surveillance cameras, get the footage.
  2. Get in touch with your lawyer as soon as possible
  3. Document the incident as accurately as possible

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