Drug Related Injury

 THE DRUG RACKET.  There is no doubt that drugs are being overprescribed in America.  Patients go to doctors for drugs without knowing the severe side effects that could result from long term use.  Doctors feel like they are doing something for their patient and oftentimes are not doing any research into the side effects of the drugs they prescribe, unless you call a visit from a beautiful young woman salesperson or a junket to the Bahamas (the industry standard approach to drug promotion)  ‘research.’  Basic information that the drug companies know that patients do not know is that drugs are approved by the FDA for limited purposes based on limited trials.  An example is a medication that is approved by the FDA for use as an anesthetic, known as Ketamine.  In the realm of anesthesia, it is given as a predicate to putting someone asleep in a one time dose to ‘stun’ the patient before placing a mask over their face that will make them unconscious.  In this ‘one dose’ example, the severe side effects of permanent memory loss are not occurring, so in the trials (testing of one dose per patient, one time) that were used for FDA approval, the side effects were minor and the drug was deemed sufficiently ‘safe’ for use.  The problem and the ‘racket’ is this:  Once a drug is approved for any use by the FDA and is on the shelf, the drug companies can promote its use for any variety of other conditions where it has not been proven safe in trials, and this is particularly problem with long term use.  The ‘axiom’ in regard to side effects is that if a drug can cause side effects in short term use, the drug will cause worse side effects in long term use.  So take a drug like Ketamine that makes you confused and semi-comatose in a single dose, over a long term, and the effects are much more severe (long term memory loss, disassociation and brain damage).  Drug companies promote their drugs like any product manufacturer, and oversell their products.  Doctors looking for treatment options  are misinformed, but drug companies then blame the doctors for making the ultimate decision whether to prescribe a drug.   In this way, some patients are getting drugs that are causing severe side effects while other patients may experience only minor side effects or none at all.  Although the Supreme Court has greatly limited claims against drug manufacturers, trial lawyers like Jim Avery are fighting for the rights of patients who have been injured.  If you or a loved one suspect you have been injured by a drug, call Avery Law Firm now or fill out the FREE CASE EVALUATION form on this page.  You may have a claim even if the drug was FDA approved.  Date Order 2

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