Contingency Fee Retainer Agreement

Contingency Fee Retainer Agreement by Avery Law Firm Financial Support You Need Is Available

At Avery Law Firm we understand your needs and offer a variety of fee options including the highly beneficial contingency fee retainer agreement. The Avery Law Firm is a firm that specializes in civil trial law involving personal injury. As a small volume firm, our emphasis is on delivering highest quality, completely personalized services to its clients. Our expertise lies in the representation of individuals who have suffered near-fatal injuries, survivors of people who have lost their lives owing to negligence or wrongful behavior of other people as well as businesses that cause direct or indirect economic harm.

The firm’s forte lies in the fact that we have the legal expertise, ability and proven track record to obtain settlements that not only provide maximum relief, but also make the client very comfortable. Under the expert guidance of trial lawyer, James W. Avery, Avery Law Firm has mastered the resources, skills and expertise to represent clients not only locally, but also at national and international levels.

Utmost care is takes to ensure that the fees charged are within the paying capacity of the client, while ensuring that the legal representation obtains the most productive results. The contingency fee retainer agreement would include one or a combination of the following fee arrangements:

  1. Contingency Fee: A contingency fee is the expenses for legal services that is subject to the lawyer having a positive result with the case. This could be through the collection of a judgment or through an out-of-the-court settlement. If the case does not offer any financial benefit to the client, the client owes the lawyer nothing. Contingency fee makes it possible for small businesses and individuals of modest means to retain expert legal counsel for superior representation in the court.

    With the professional per hour fees for expert legal counsel hovering between $400-$800, it is impossible otherwise for most individuals and small businesses to pursue even the most-deserving cases. Contingency fee makes it possible for all the affected parties – individuals and/ or small businesses – to hope and fight for justice.

    To ensure that cases taken under this clause have best chances to win, Avery Law Firm follows a very strict regime to ascertain the merit of case and judge the probability of winning. The consultation and evaluation process is painstaking, very thorough and free of charge. In some cases, a small retainer might be requested to cover the fees of medical practitioners who are requested to review matters related to the case.

  2. Hybrid Contingent Fee – to ensure best service to our clients various blends of fees are offered by Avery Law Firm, i.e. hourly billing, payment vis-à-vis cost, retainer against recovery, and so on. Every permutation of the contingency fee retainer agreement is meant to ensure that the client gets the best shot to win the case risking the least of funds. Whether it is on the basis of a retainer, hourly billing, cost payment arrangements or any other fee variation the commitment of Avery Law Firm to ensure the best interests of its clients remains the top priority and focus.

  3. Statutory Fees/ Recovery of Attorney’s Fees Clauses: Wherever it is permitted Avery Law Firm will ensure that the client will have access to the statutory entitlement of the fees for an attorney. For example, there are instances such as Mass Disaster, Class Action and/ or Civil Rights Litigations where the fee of the attorney can be recovered from the party who lost the case. Avery Law Firm will ensure that in such cases appropriate steps would be implemented so the clients can take full advantages of such benefits.

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