COMMENT: Dr. Phil Show about “Catfish” dating scam

If you saw the October 30, 2013 airing of the Dr. Phil Show, then you probably know that Jim Avery, Top Denver Catastrophic Injury Lawyer, was the victim of identity theft.  A scammer from Nigeria stole attorney Jim Avery’s photos and used them to craft a fake identity on a dating site, then scammed an innocent lonely woman of over $190,000.  Of course, this incident occurred without Jim Avery’s knowledge or consent, so he gladly appeared on the Dr. Phil Show to expose the scam.  Jim Avery is happily married with children, and not utilizing any dating sites so if you are seeing his image on a dating site or other social media unconnected with Avery Law Firm it is a SCAM!  DO NOT SEND MONEY TO ANYONE YOU DON’T PERSONALLY KNOW!

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