Experienced Trial Lawyer Values

Experienced Trial Lawyer Mission Statement:

The mission of the Avery Law Firm is to protect the rights of individuals guaranteed by the constitution and laws of the United States and all states where we practice law; zealously pursue justice for our clients within the bounds of the law and in an ethical manner; and to seek just, timely resolution with maximum monetary recovery of all matters entrusted to us.


Whether you or your loved one has suffered a fatal injury, disabling injury, brain injury, spine injury, or other severe injury, successful resolution of catastrophic injury cases require a hard working, talented and experienced trial lawyer. We will conduct a thorough investigation of your injury and its cause with an eye toward recovery from the appropriate responsible party (typically through insurance). Throughout the entire process, we will keep you ‘in the loop.’ We make sure you are well informed, that you understand all of your options and include you in the action and decision-making process. We don’t file lawsuits or make settlement demands without your participation and consent. With years of experience in complex injury litigation, we prepare your claim or catastrophic injury case to get justice for you. Our goal is to obtain the best result for you, whether that is through trial, arbitration or mediation. Through years of experience working in the medical and scientific community (nationwide) we have developed access to the experts and consultants necessary to provide a fair and reliable assessment of your claim, and who will persuasively present your case to the decision-maker (insurance representative, mediator, or jury).

Experience, Talent and Toughness That Leads To Top Notch Results

Not every law firm will take on teams of professional litigators with six- to eight-figure damages on the line, and it’s all or nothing. Trial Attorney James W. “Jim” Avery cites a case that involved the negligent handling of a Colorado airplane crash. The case had to be tried in a foreign jurisdiction against a successful local lawyer. Avery took it to trial and won, co-counseling with famed Houston attorney Richard “Racehorse” Haynes. My father was in the business of heavy construction, and I learned early on the value of hard work and perseverance, says Jim Avery. “You simply develop a plan, gather the resources and do what is necessary to complete the job in a successful manner.” “When I took personality profile tests in college, my scores placed me in the same category as military commanders.”

Experienced Trial Lawyer with Top Credentials

Super Lawyer, Top 100 Trial Lawyer, Newsweek National Top Lawyer Founder and lead trial attorney Jim Avery is an accomplished and experienced trial lawyer (in the courtroom). His practice spans over 3 decades in state and federal courts in the personal-injury fields of medical malpractice, negligence (trucking, auto, aviation, construction accidents, etc), product liability, wrongful death, brain and spinal injuries, legal malpractice, as well as racketeering and fraud litigation. He has been named a Super Lawyer (recognized as the top 5% of lawyers in their field), “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” and a “”National Top Lawyer”” by Newsweek Magazine.


Jim Avery has collected millions of dollars for his clients, handling some of the most complex cases, such as medical malpractice, insurance bad faith, birth trauma, neurosurgical and aviation law malpractice, and the first ever road rage case to hold two drivers liable. A pilot and motor-sports enthusiast, Jim is admitted in New York (1982), Colorado (1983), and Indiana (2003). Avery received his first multi-million dollar verdict less than 10 years after graduating from the University of Denver College of Law. In what is probably the largest case of malpractice ever in Colorado, he took on popular Colorado surgeons working out of a well-known children’s hospital, who were accused of performing unnecessary operations on hundreds of children. “It can be tough to go up against defendants who are popular in the community and have virtually unlimited resources to fight lawsuits,” says Avery “but I felt strongly that what the surgeons were doing was wrong. We put an end to the ongoing suffering of so many families. “I take cases based on their merits,” Avery says, “and because I believe they have merit, I expect to win.”

International Community Commitment

Avery supports the War Child International, the Brain Injury Association of America (BIA) Brain Injury Association of Colorado (BIAC), the Rochester Foundation for Persons with Brain/Head Injury and several local churches. He has led four humanitarian-assistance trips to Africa, providing aid to the Dinka tribe of South Sudan. Avery has helped start approximately 50 schools, serving more than 3,000 children in war-torn parts of Africa. “I believe we all have an obligation to help the poor and disadvantaged, no matter where we see the need,” Avery says.

A Passion for Justice

Avery believes his willingness to commit his complete resources to a complex and difficult case in an all-or-nothing environment is what has given him the reputation he enjoys among fellow attorneys. “It is our confidence based on past success that has helped us grow into three states of operation,” he says. (Avery Law Firm now has offices in Indiana and New York in addition to Colorado.)

A Team Approach

Avery Law Firm relies on the services of professionals nationwide, in numerous fields, such as medicine, aviation, insurance, and close communication with our clients. Cases are routinely handled in associations with other lawyers and law firms in a team manner, to ensure top notch results. As a result of this approach, developed over years, no case is too big or too complex for Avery Law Firm. We take the lead and provide the Field General’s perspective, says Jim Avery, whether its in settlement negotiations or trial.

Technology and the Law

With a multi-state practice, it is essential to be at the forefront of technology in law. Avery Law Firm is leading this revolution with electronic filing capabilities, high speed scanners and data acquisition, and a document server website to share information globally with our clients (as far away as Australia), experts, and team members. We know of no other law firm that is more advanced technologically.

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